Annual Conference Globalization and Literature

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Thursday, 6th October

13.30 – 14.00

  • Robert Stockhammer (LMU Munich, Speaker of the Research Training Group). Introductory Address

Panel I | Contesting Identity Politics | Chair: Katharina Martl


  • Aamir Mufti (UCLA). Strangers in Europe: Terrorists, Migrants, Refugees

15.00-15.30 | Coffee break


  • Suman Gupta (Open University). What Does "White Working Class" Mean? On the Underperformance of White Working-Class Students in the UK
  • Ulrike Kistner (University of Pretoria). Pan-Africanist Disarticulations

17.30-18.00 | Coffee break

Panel II | Cosmopolitanism, Solidarity and Trauma | Chair: Sema Kara


  • Nikita Dhawan (Innsbruck University). One World, One Pain? Transnational Literacy and Planetary Ethics

19.30 | Dinner at Georgenhof


Friday, 7th October

Panel II | Cosmopolitanism, Solidarity and Trauma (continued) | Chair: Sema Kara


  • Stef Craps (Ghent University). Cross-Traumatic Affiliation
  • Bernhard Pirkl (LMU Munich). Unfinished Business. Legacies of Perpetration in Boualem Sansal's  Le village de l'Allemand

12.30-14.00 | Lunch break at IBZ


  • Daniel Levy (Stony Brook). Revisiting Solidarity in the Cosmopolitan Age

15.00-15.30 | Coffee break

Panel III | Constructing Leaders | Chair: Fabienne Imlinger


  • Wolfgang Schwentker (Osaka University). “Karisuma“ in Japan? Leadership and Followership in a Community-Based Society
  • Norulhuda Othman (LMU Munich). Alexander the Great and the Legitimation of Dynastic Space in Malay Political Mythology

19.00 | Visit and Dinner at Museum Villa Stuck 


Saturday, 8th October

Panel IV | Religion and Community | Chair: Pierre-Héli Monot


  • Bernhard Teuber (LMU). Phantasia & Koinonia or How to Make Believe Catholicity – The Impact of Literary Imagination on the Construction of a Christian Community
  • Lars Bullmann (LMU). Apostle at the Crossroads. Interpellation, Universalism and Community in Recent Readings of Paul

11.00-11.30 | Coffee break

Panel V | Literature and Aesthetics | Chair: Robert Stockhammer


  • Theo D’haen (Leuven University). World History and World Literature
  • Susanne Lüdemann (LMU Munich). Geschmacksgemeinschaften / Communities of Taste

13.30-14.00 | Final Discussion and Closing Remarks