Annual Conference Globalization and Literature

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Conference venue: Bayrische Amerika-Akademie (BAA)| Barer Straße 19 a| 80333 Munich

Wednesday, 30th May  (Venue: RU 104B, Schellingstr. 3, RG)

18.00-20.00          Workshop with Jean-Claude Milner

20.00                    | Dinner

Thursday, 31 May

13.30-14.00          Introductory Address

14.00-15.00          Thomas Erthel (Munich). Compression and Conflict: World-Consciousness in Voltaire’s Candide

15.00-15.30          | Coffee break

15.30-17.30          Elahe Haschemi Yekani (Berlin). Global Entanglement versus Postcolonial Counterpoint:
                            Rereading the "Dead Silence" in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

                            Georges-Louis Tin (Orléans). Is it really possible to be gay and black at the same time?

18.00                    | Visit at Biergarten


Friday, 1st June

11.00-13.00           Andrew S. Gross (Goettingen). Self-Definition and Contagion: Crises of Liberalism in the
                             Writing of Benjamin Franklin

                             Annegret Heitmann (Munich). Anecdotes of Silence: The Unconscious of
                             Globalization in Isak Dinesen’s Tales

13.00-14.00          | Lunch break at BAA

14.00-16.00           Niels Werber (Siegen). Popularizations of German Geopolitics: Perry Rhodan 1961/2016

                             Christoph K. Neumann (Munich). Revolution and World-Consciousness in Turkish

16.00-16.30           | Coffee Break

16.30-17.30           Werner Bonefeld (York). State, World Market and Society

18.00-19.15           Jean-Claude Milner (Paris). The Sound of Silence in Modern Democratic

20.00                     | Dinner


Saturday, 2nd June

10.00-12.00           Eleonore Zapf (Innsbruck). Dante illegal. Migration and the Underworld in Eduardo González
                             Viañas El corrido de Dante

                             Karen Benezra (New York). Total Conversion: Primitive Accumulation in the Andes

12.00-12.30           | Coffee break/Snack

12.30-13.30           Christian Moser (Bonn). "We want the world and we want it… Now!" The Manifesto as a
                             Vehicle of World-Consciousness and of Global Contemporaneity

13.30-14.00           | Final discussion and closing remarks