Annual Conference Globalization and Literature

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Conference venue: Lyrik Kabinett| Amalienstrasse 83| 80799 Munich


**Change of Program: The slots of the lectures by Susanne Lüdemann and Anselm Haverkamp were exchanged.**


Thursday, 27th June

15.00–15.30          Introductory Address

15.30–17.30          Panel I Keywords of Globalization (Chair: Fabienne Imlinger)

                            Ivana Perica (LMU Munich). Revolution or Evolution – Revolution by Evolution: World Literature
                            and Global Change.

                            Suman Gupta (Open University). Under the Net: Policy Keywords in the Global Textual Order.

19.00                   | Dinner


Friday, 28th June

10.30–12.30          Panel II Tropes ↔ Globalization (Chair: Ivana Perica)

                            Sebastian Schuller (LMU Munich). “Could Commodities Speak.” Tropes of Globalization and
                            Commodity Language.

                            Anselm Haverkamp (New York University/LMU Munich). Jo: Donne's America.The New World‘s

12.30–13.30         | Lunch

13.30-15.30          Panel III The Holes in the Whole (Chair: Philipp Sperner)

                            Kaisa Kaakinen (University of Helsinki). How Textual Gaps Travel: Weak Analogies of Relation and
                            Comparison in Twentieth-century Literature.

                            Chris Reitz (LMU Munich). “A [...] Play of Absence and Presence.” Of ()holes, Waste and the
                            Impossible Totality.

15.30–16.00          | Coffee Break

16.00-18.00           Panel IV (Un)Natural Tropes (Chair: Claudine Bollinger)

                            Oliver Völker (Goethe University Frankfurt). From a Cloud’s Point of View: Atmosphere and the
                            Instability of Perspective in Percy Shelley’s “The Cloud”.

                            Paul Gilmore (Rutgers University). The Sublime, the Problem of Representing Global Climate
                            Change, and Melvilles Moby Dick.

18.30-19.45          Keynote Address

                            Alexander Beecroft (University of South Carolina). Can the Global Speak?


Saturday, 29th June

09.30–11.30          Panel V Pars … totum (Chair: Vid Stevanovic)

                            Susanne Lüdemann (LMU Munich). Globalization as a Trope.

                            Divya Dwivedi (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). “Local”: the Work of the Antonym.

11.30–12.00         | Coffee Break

12.00–13.00         Robert Stockhammer (LMU Munich). pars pro toto - complexio partium - pars contra totum:
                           Tropes and A-Tropes of Globalization in Literature.