Annual Conference Globalization and Literature

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Alexander Beecroft | University of South Carolina

Bio | Alexander Beecroft is Jessie Chapman Alcorn Professor of Foreign Languages at the University of South Carolina (Columbia SC). His areas of research interest include Archaic and Classical Greek literature, Shi Jing, Chi Chi and pre-Qin philosophical and historical texts, Han and Six Dynasties poetry, Latin literature, Ancient literary criticism, Pre-modern systems of literary circulation and World Literature. His main publications include An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day (2015) and Authorship and Cultural Identity in Early Greece and China: Patterns of Literary Circulation (2010). His current project, A Global History of Literature, will be published in 2019. Furthermore, he is the Secretary-Treasure of the American Comparative Literature Association.

Divya Dwivedi | Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Bio | Divya Dwivedi is Assistant Professor for Literature at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Her main fields of study include the Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Narratology, Literary Theory and Criticism, Political thought of Gandhi and Political Cartoons and Novels of O V Vijayan. She is the co-editor with Sanil V of Public Sphere from outside the West (2015) and Narratology and Ideology: Negotiating Context, Form and Theory in Postcolonial Texts co-edited (2018) with Richard Walsh and Henrik Skov Nielsen which is a narratological investigation into the ideological conditions of postcolonial theory.

Paul Gilmore | Rutgers University

Bio | Paul Gilmore is Professor for American Literature and Administrative Dean of the Department of English studies at Rutgers University (New Brunswick). His research focuses on nineteenth-century U.S. literature and culture, with an emphasis on science and aesthetics. A recipient of an NEH fellowship, his publications include The Genuine Article: Race, Mass Culture, and American Literary Manhood (2001) and Aesthetic Materialism: Electricity and American Romanticism (2009).

Suman Gupta | Open University

Bio | Suman Gupta is Professor for Literature and Cultural History and Head of Department at Open University. His fields of study are divided between modern and contemporary literature in English, cultural studies and political philosophy. Among his latest publications are: Usurping Suicide: The Political Resonances of Individual Death (2017) with Milena Katsarska, Theodors Spyros, Mike Hajimichael, Philology and Global English Studies: Retracings (2015) and Consumable Texts in Contemporary India: Uncultured Books and Bibliographical Sociology (2015).

Anselm Haverkamp | LMU Munich

Bio | Anselm Haverkamp is Emeritus Professor for Philosophy and Literature at University of New York and Professor of Honorary at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. His areas of interest include aestethic theory, the relationship between literature and philosophy, rhetoric and metaphorology, law and literature, canon formation, Shakespeare, Keats and Joyce. He is author and editor of numerous publications such as Shakespearean Genealogies of Power (2011), Hans Blumenberg: Paradigmen zu einer Metaphorologie (2013), Metapher. Die Ästhetik in der Rhetorik (2007) and Die Zweideutigkeit der Kunst (2012). Furthermore, he was a member and co-editor of the research group Poetik und Hermeneutik in its later phase.

Kaisa Kaakinen | University of Helsinki

Bio | Kaisa Kaakinen is Postdoc at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki. In 2013, Kaakinen completed her Ph.D. Comparative Literature and the Historical Imaginary: Reading Conrad, Weiss, Sebald (2017) in Comparative Literature at Cornell University. Her postdoctoral research project deals with the use of historical biographies in contemporary fiction. The study explores how recent fiction probes new forms of realism and of mediation of historical experience after postmodernism and in an age of globalization. Her research focuses on the intersections of literature, history, literary studies and historiography, especially in the context of historical transitions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Susanne Lüdemann | LMU Munich

Bio | Susanne Lüdemann is Professor and Chair of the Department of Modern German Literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Her fields of study include German literature from the 18th to 20th century, literary theory, theories of Modernism, the relationship between political theory, literature and psychoanalysis as well as the relationship between law and literature. Among her main publications are: Politics of Deconstruction. A New Introduction to Jacques Derrida (2014), Der fictive Staat. Konstruktionen des politischen Körpers in der Geschichte Europas (2007) with Albrecht Koschorke, Tomas Frank und Ethel Matala and Metaphern der Gesellschaft. Studien zum soziologischen und politischen Imaginären (2004).

Ivana Perica | LMU Munich

Bio | Ivana Perica is Postdoc at the Research Training Group Globalization and Literature: Representations, Transformations, Interventions. In 2016, she published her her PhD-project Die privat-öffentliche Achse des Politischen: Das Unvernehmen zwischen Hannah Arendt und Jacques Rancière. Her fields of study include political theory, aesthetics and politics of literature.

Chris Reitz | LMU Munich

Bio | Chris Reitz is currently working on his PhD-thesis under the working title “A ()hole Complex”. The Eerie and Capitalism in Crisis in 21st Century Literatures within the framework of the Munich at Graduate School Language & Literature: Class of Literature. His research spans contemporary literature in English, French, German and Spanish, concepts of the posthuman, Marxist literary criticism and narratology, always with a focus on the intersection between aesthetics, media and his-torical form. He is the coeditor of an anthology on the ideology, aesthetics and politico-economic framework of the ‘new Right’ in Europe and North-America Die Zeit der Monster (2018).

Sebastian Schuller | LMU Munich

Bio | Sebastian Schuller is currently working on his PhD-thesis on materialist literary theory in the age of globalization at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He holds an PhD-scholarship of Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. His fields of research include pop-culture studies, globalization-theory, Hip-Hop-studies, Bert Brecht and the aesthetics of Marxism. Furthermore, he wrote and edited Die Zeit der Monster? Die ‚neue‘ Rechte im Neoliberalismus, das Scheitern linker Kritik und Möglichkeiten emanzipatorischer Praxis in Kunst und Akademie (2018) with Chris Reitz.

Robert Stockhammer | LMU Munich

Bio | Robert Stockhammer is Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and Speaker of the DFG Research Training Group Globalization and Literature. Representations, Transformations, Interventions. His fields of study include German, English and French literature since 18th century as well as African Philology, the history of grammar, the relationship between globalization and literature, pop and politics and travel literature. Among his main publications are: Ruanda. Über einen anderen Genozid schreiben (2005), Kartierung der Erde. Macht und Lust in Karten und Literatur (2007), Grammatik. Wissen und Macht in der Geschichte einer sprachlichen Institution (2014), Afrikanische Philologie (2016) and 1967. Pop. Grammatologie und Politik (2017).

Oliver Völker | Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Bio | Oliver Völker is a Research Assistant at the Department of Comparative Literature at Goethe-University Frankfurt. He wrote his PhD-project with the title Langsame Katastrophen: Eine Poetik der Erdgeschichte. His research interest focus on the relationship between literature and natural sciences, ecocriticism and animal studies.